As a recognized leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS develops innovative software and services for the automotive, home entertainment, mobile phone, and connected objects industries. The sound experts at ARKAMYS are renowned for their work in 3D audio, voice processing, and sound rendering. These same experts create cutting-edge solutions that optimize the speech intelligibility and audio quality of consumer electronics products. ARKAMYS consistently delivers exciting new audio technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over the past 15 years to create a strong presence in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, and China.

Automotive solutions include "SoundStage," ECNR (Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction), ANC (Active Noise Cancelling), ESE (Engine Sound Enhancement), and 3D-Sound-Alerts (ADAS and AVAS).

ARKAMYS currently promotes OsCar, a complete modular framework environment that allows managing processing of various audio streams in a vehicle on CPU and DSP for different operating systems.
It includes a set of tools, open mechanisms and API management to optimize development time and the porting of software solutions since developments are standardized and reusable, whereas traditional DSPs require recoding for each project.
OsCar addresses automotive constraints: hard real time, optimal latency control, low power.
ARKAMYS also offers services for in-car tuning and training.

OsCar benefits include:

  • Fast prototyping, re-configurable, and re-usable
  • Optimized time to market and cost saving
  • Low latency control
  • Multiple clocking management
  • Early audio management

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