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GiPU Co., Ltd.

Beijing GiPU Co., Ltd, is a high-tech professional company, which develops and sales high-end, customized computing system. We focus on self - owned intellectual property BIOS, OpenCL, Graphics Card and technology. We can develop customized computer and server, covering VPX, CPCI(E), COM Express, XMC, PXI, ETX, PCI104, providing the domestic computing system for industry, medical, trail transportation and military technology.

GiPU provide to or helps various customers to set up hardware platforms with GPU supporting VxWorks

GiPU has developed multiple platforms supporting VxWorks, focused on solutions with 2D/3D Graphics, embedded GUI, encryption & decryption. It can help Wind River to expand the domestic, international market.

  • Multiple choices of platforms supporting Windriver OS, covering AMD, Intel & Loongson and helping customers to accelerate time-to-market and reduce development expenses.
  • Self - owned intellectual property BIOS to support BSP of VxWorks, extending the potential performance of HW design.

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    GiPU Co., Ltd.
    Room 03A01, No. 4 Building, No. 4 of Fufeng Road, Science & Technology Park, Fengtai District, Beijing, China, -

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    Aerospace & Defense

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