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Aleph One Limited

Aleph One Ltd started in 1971 and branched into operating system development in the 1990s.
Since 2002, Aleph One has been developing and supporting Yaffs - the most widely ported flash file system - used in a wide variety of industries and hundreds of millions of devices.

The Yaffs flash file system is now available for VxWorks as a drop-in file system.

Yaffs is a highly robust high speed flash file system that is well proven in a wide variety of application areas. Yaffs is supported in a wide variety of operating systems and bootloaders.
This allows, for instance, using Yaffs in both the bootloader and VxWorks to support upgrades etc.
This also allows customers a migration path between VxWorks and Linux on the same boardsets

  • WindRiver Linux offerings can already use Yaffs. Having a shared common file system smooths intefration and customer migration between Linux and VxWorks.
  • Yaffs is already used by some VxWorks customers. A closer collaboration serves our mutual customers better.
  • We have extensive experience in integrating with flash memory (MTD subsystem) and can help with technical review of the mtd subsystem.

Company Info

Aleph One Limited
The Old Courthouse 123 High Street Bottisham, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB25 9BA
01223 811 679

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Aerospace & Defense

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