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Wind River Customers

Bosch Motorsport

“Wind River helped us develop an advanced, high-quality product while meeting challenging deadlines. We were able to shorten development time by over 50 percent for our engine control units for motorsports use."

—Markus Kirschner, Group Leader for Hardware Development, Bosch Motorsport

In a Race Against Time, Bosch Motorsport Wins with Wind River

Engine control units (ECUs) built by Bosch Motorsport play a mission-critical role in high-endurance racecars. Besides managing fuel injection and multiple engine functions, they also transmit real-time data to the race team's engineers via telemetry. Reliability is everything. One failed signal could cost the team a race. And a missed delivery deadline could cost Bosch a customer. To make sure the units arrive on time and perform to perfection, Bosch Motorsport turned to Wind River®.

Wind River Tools and Support Cut Development Time in Half

Bosch Motorsport decided to choose a new hardware architecture as well as a new operating system in order to optimize performance of its ECUs and stay competitive. Only Wind River could offer a complete package: a fully integrated development platform based on the VxWorks® operating system, with the necessary middleware, tools, and a board support package for the selected architecture. Wind River also provided both onsite and online training for Bosch Motorsport engineers. In the past, developing the system that runs ECUs took 18 months to two years. With Wind River, Bosch Motorsport cut that cycle in half. Throughout the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship season, winning teams had Bosch Motorsport ECUs on board.