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Wind River Customers

Magneti Marelli

"Responsive, efficient technical support allowed our project to go full-speed ahead, without any stops or delays. Wind River was a constant presence during the entire project. The same Wind River people we met at the beginning of the project still support our products, and we find that priceless."

—Riccardo De Filippi, Head of Development,
Magneti Marelli Motorsport

Need for Speed: Wind River Powers Magneti Marelli's Formula One Telemetry Loggers

Telemetry has become critical to winning Formula One races. Black boxes beneath the driver’s seat gather real-time vehicle data and transmit it to the race team’s engineers, so they can spot problems as well as opportunities to gain an edge. Magneti Marelli, one of the foremost providers of automotive and motorsports technology, needed a real-time operating system that could meet their exacting requirements for precision execution and reliability. And they needed to meet demanding deadlines to deliver a high-performance product to Formula One's top racing teams. That is why they chose Wind River® VxWorks®.

Solutions used by Magneti Marelli

Wind River Workbench

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A Winning Solution Backed By Ongoing Support

Wind River engineers worked with the Magneti Marelli Motorsport team to design a solution and dedicated a team to support the project on the customer's site. VxWorks enables the telemetry units to manage tasks for data acquisition, encryption and communication, and deliver huge amounts data in real time to optimize vehicle performance on the track. It also helps cut power-up time from several seconds to fractions of a millisecond, avoiding critical data loss. Wind River's combination of technology, expertise and support propelled Magneti Marelli across the finish line in record time.