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Wind River Customers

Hyundai MOBIS

"Wind River has a strong reputation as the leading automotive expert with experienced engineers who can handle the complicated matters of custom software development, integration, and testing. We see tremendous value in partnering with Wind River."

—Jaeoh Cha, Principal Research Engineer, MOBIS

MOBIS Drives Innovation in Infotainment with Wind River

Hyundai MOBIS is one of Korea's top auto parts suppliers, not just for Hyundai and Kia cars, but for automakers all over the world. In addition to car chassis modules, the company provides a full range of electronics, smart systems, and components spanning bumper to bumper. Its commitment to quality is summed up in its motto, "Drive with the customer."

MOBIS prides itself on staying attuned to consumer and multimedia trends. So when its engineers set out to develop their next-generation, intelligent in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, they partnered with Wind River®.

Solutions used by Hyundai MOBIS

Wind River Automotive Solutions

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Wind River Technology and Expertise Accelerate Development

The new MOBIS IVI system will provide entertainment services and features such as movies, games and social networking, radio, and CD and MP3 play, as well as Bluetooth voice recognition, GPS navigation, mobile connectivity, and external communication through in-vehicle devices and applications. Wind River is supplying the software platform underlying all this sophistication—as well as the expertise to streamline development and bring a competitive product to market, on time and on budget.