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Wind River Customers


“Wind River is the ideal partner for us because they provide a holistic safety development approach.”

—Hao Wu, General Manager, FITSCO

Smart Rail: FITSCO Delivers Safety-Certified Automated Train Signaling Solution

Trains are getting smarter. Automation minimizes the risk of human error. Understandably, however, the systems that control critical operations such as speed, orientation, or door-locking need to meet stringent international safety standards. When Shanghai’s Fuxin Intelligent Transportation Solution Co., or FITSCO, undertook the development of its advanced Auto Train Protection system, the JeRail ATP-100, a key challenge was to pass SIL4 certification, which denotes the highest Safety Integrity Level. To meet it, the company turned to Wind River®.

Wind River Provides a Platform Designed to Certification Specifications

Earning the SIL4 assessment required an operating system that was certified to EN 50128, an international standard governing the functional safety of electronic safety-related systems. FITSCO evaluated several OS vendors. With more than 30 years of safety critical software experience, only Wind River could provide a comprehensive trusted systems platform. Wind River VxWorks® Cert Platform provided FITSCO developers with a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for delivering applications certified to EN 50128. And Wind River Professional Services enacted a seamless integration of the VxWorks Cert Platform safety case—the documented demonstration that the product complies with safety requirements—into the ATP controller. The result: FITSCO not only met its SIL4 certification goal, but also did so on time and within budget.