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Wind River Customers


“With VxWorks we don’t have to develop or maintain our own operating system, so we can accelerate our time-to-market and roll out our products much faster than ever before. In fact, we were able to release our product four months ahead of schedule.”

—Anton Sauter, Product Manager SIMATIC IPC, Siemens Industrial PC Group

Siemens Industrial PC Cuts Engineering Costs in Half and Beats Time-to-Market

Siemens is a market leader in industrial PCs. The company’s high-performance computers operate in extremely demanding environments, often directly on the plant floor. A standard PC operating system is rarely a match for sophisticated industrial applications. Siemens PCs need a real-time operating system (RTOS) in order to execute tasks requiring determinism, fast response times, and safety. Until recently, the company used a homegrown RTOS, but it was difficult and costly to maintain. The industrial PC team concluded it could eliminate a number of steps in development and save significant sums by replacing its in-house system with a proven commercial RTOS. The question: which one?

Solutions used by Siemens


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VxWorks: Proven Reliability, Intel Compatibility

After exhaustive research, the Siemens Industrial PC Group determined that VxWorks® was the best choice of all the commercial RTOS options available—a proven solution with a long track record of success. Safety and security were key deciding factors. Wind River® and VxWorks are proven in applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical, such as aerospace and defense. And Wind River software enjoys optimal compatibility with Intel® hardware, Siemens’ chip of choice. With VxWorks, Siemens cut engineering costs by 50% compared to its homegrown system and released its product four months ahead of schedule.