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Software and Insights for Building Your Evolving Network

Wind River® is your partner in networking leadership, delivering carrier grade capabilities to support the most crucial demands of today’s networks.


The network transformation is being driven by software, and Wind River is leading the way. Our portfolio of open and scalable products, lifecycle management tools, and professional services help networking equipment providers and their customers build infrastructure that delivers the reliability and dependable performance their networks need.


Accelerate Your Innovation

Our industry-leading embedded software operating environments, advanced development tools, and unparalleled expertise accelerate the development of new capabilities for your products and networks.


Open Up Your Options

We are leaders in crucial standards and open source initiatives, including Open Virtualization, OpenStack, the ETSI NFV initiative, OpenNFV, and the Linux Yocto Project. And we collaborate with an extensive ecosystem of partner companies who provide all the complementary hardware and software products that you need to develop a comprehensive end-to-end solution.


Run Leaner, Run Smarter

Our operating environments and services can help you leverage your development team, budget, and release process more effectively. Stay ahead of your competitors with your innovative solutions, and do more with less, faster.


From parts to platforms, Wind River has the software components and development tools you need to build modern, virtualized networks that are ultra-reliable and performance-tuned for today’s dynamic, bandwidth-intensive tasks, including cloud computing, software defined networking (SDN,) and the Internet of Things.

Wind River Titanium Cloud

Carrier Grade, Virtualization Ready

Wind River Titanium Cloud™ is the only commercial NFV cloud that delivers the true carrier grade reliability and performance required for telecom networks. It is supported by the Wind River Titanium Cloud™ Ecosystem of industry-leading partners, enabling proven end-to-end solutions for virtualized edge, access, and core applications.

Wind River Linux

Leading the Industry in Open Source Innovation

Wind River Linux is the industry’s #1 commercial Linux solution for embedded systems. Carrier Grade Profile for Wind River Linux, which provides 99.9999% uptime, is one of the only Yocto Project Compatible, commercially available distributions meeting the registration requirements of the Linux Foundation’s Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 specification. Reduce your costs by as much as 60% and accelerate build cycles by more than 30% compared to “rolling your own” Linux.

Wind River Open Virtualization

Network Virtualization with Speed

The first open source virtualization product that supports hardware consolidation with extremely low interrupt latency and high throughput running on standard hardware, Wind River Open Virtualization is an ideal solution for applications, such as Cloud RAN (C-RAN), which have stringent real-time performance requirements.


The Industry’s Leading Commercial Real-Time Operating System

VxWorks® Plus enhances the world’s most widely deployed real-time operating system (RTOS) with additional security, device manageability, and advanced networking capabilities to offer a real-time environment that makes it possible to rapidly create, test, deploy, maintain, and manage high-quality networking devices.

Wind River Simics

Test the Future of Your Product

Wind River Simics® revolutionizes design, testing, and iteration processes by allowing you to simulate anything, from chips to complex hardware and software systems. Remove bottlenecks by giving your local and global teams 24/7 access to target systems. Simics provides automation and collaboration tools that allow you to adopt new development techniques not possible with physical hardware, so you can move your designs to production more quickly and easily.

  • Adopt new development techniques not possible with physical hardware.
  • Expand the capabilities of your virtual and global teams.
  • Move your designs to production more quickly and easily.
  • Freely prototype and test fully integrated hardware and software designs.


The Titanium Cloud Ecosystem includes partners that provides a rich set of interoperable products and technologies for building out NFV on your next-generation networks.

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Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards programs and open source initiatives. We are committed to helping build highly interoperable and flexible networks that can continuously adapt to meet today’s constantly evolving communications needs.

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Tap our global team of embedded software experts to reduce your development time and lower the costs of maintaining your devices, systems, and networks.


Make the right choices in creating your next intelligent device.

We can help you assess the potential advantages of emerging technologies and build out new architectural roadmaps.


Focus on your core competencies and create market-leading innovations.

Our technical teams can augment your in-house expertise to shorten your development cycles while accelerating creation of new device capabilities and functions.


Ensure the reliability, performance and security of your devices.

Care for your products with our extensive support and consulting services to guarantee your devices function as they should throughout their lifecycle.