Wind River® Titanium Cloud is the industry's only fully integrated, ultrareliable, and deployment-ready portfolio of virtualization software products. Starting with the Titanium Core and Titanium Edge products for the telecommunications market, we have now added Titanium Control for industrial control systems.

Titanium Cloud Telco Solution Overview
Titanium Control overview

Enterprise server and computing technologies were not designed for the rigorous demands of the carrier network and critical infrastructure.

The Titanium Cloud product portfolio solves that problem by providing an application-ready software platform that runs virtual functions with high reliability and is built to support the intensive performance, reliability, and security requirements of the world’s most demanding computing and communications networks.


Flexibility: Scale your services up, down, in, and out—rapidly, deploying new services dynamically, when and where they are needed.


Performance: Maximize the number of applications and subscribers you support on each server, so you minimize your operating costs.


Reliability: Keep your services and systems up—always.


The Titanium Cloud architecture incorporates an extensive range of technologies to provide the foundation for high-performance, ultrareliable virtual networks:

  • Hardened enterprise Linux

  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization with critical real-time performance enhancements

  • High-performance accelerated vSwitch

  • OpenStack

  • Cloud management and middleware functions

  • Lifecycle development tools

  • Ceph storage

Using these core components, the Titanium Cloud family of virtualization platforms delivers the key features needed to successfully build and deploy a virtualized network running multiple VMs.

  • TL 9000 design methodology to guarantee six-nines reliability

  • Full 10 G line rate accelerated virtual switching running unmodified guest applications

  • 10 µs deterministic interrupt latency to support virtualization in the most stringent CPE and access sections of the network

  • Accelerated live VM migration, including the “share nothing” model—40% faster than enterprise software

  • Detection of failed controllers, hosts, or VMs 60x faster than enterprise Linux; automatic recovery, with no single point of failure

  • Fully integrated telecom-grade security, including complete AAA access control

  • Proven multi-vendor interoperability via trials with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and other standards bodies

Market-Ready Solutions, Optimized and Interoperable

Through the Titanium Cloud Ecosystem, Wind River partners with industry-leading hardware and software companies to ensure the availability of a rich set of interoperable products optimized for deployment with the Titanium Cloud family of virtualizaton platforms.


Peerless "Six Nines" Reliability

  • Ultra-high availability and reliability throughout the software stack
  • 99.9999% uptime guaranteed
  • Less than 30 seconds of annual downtime
  • Fast, secure virtual machine (VM) failover (50–100x faster than IT virtualization)

Better Price and Performance

  • Radically improved performance over enterprise-grade networks
  • Dramatically lowered costs due to increased capacity
  • 40X better interrupt and time latency
  • Live migration with less than 200 milliseconds

Open and Scalable

  • Standards-based, open source, industry-standard Linux at the core
  • Built from OpenStack with plugins and extensions for commercial viability today
  • Open APIs for provisioning and management
  • Enabling thousands of virtual machines

Rich Ecosystem of Hardware, Orchestration Software, and VNFs

  • Validated on standard off-the-shelf servers from leading suppliers
  • Validated with multiple existing virtual network functions (VNFs)
  • Open and flexible environment to enable third-party software

Robust Network Intelligence

  • Intelligence when and where you need it
  • Built-in packet acceleration across VMs
  • Flexible options for implementing deep packet inspection
  • Efficient traffic shaping and management of VMs


  • Fully integrated carrier-grade security
  • Complete AAA access control, delivering integrity (monitoring/recovery) and confidentiality (secure storage/encryption)
  • Fast, secure virtual machine failover (50-100x faster than IT virtualization)

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Find Out What's New in the Latest Release

With a focus on operational efficiency, the latest release of Titanium Cloud incorporates the feedback we've gathered from countless engagements with service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers.

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Wind River is an active participant and leader in critical industry standards initiatives for building the Internet of Things.

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Maximize the performance of your virtualized service by running it on Titanium Cloud's Accelerated vSwitch (AVS)

  • Run unmodified with VirtIO: Your VNF with a standard VirtIO network driver runs unmodified on AVS—no changes required to your code.
  • Leverage Accelerated Virtual Port (AVP): Improve your VNF's performance up to 9x by including the AVP Kernel Loadable Module (KLM)—no changes required to your code.
  • AVS Poll Mode Driver (PMD) for additional acceleration: For DPDK-based VNFs, boost your performance up to 40x by linking in the AVS PMD, which typically takes 15 minutes or less.

Download both the AVP KLM and the AVS PMD at no charge from the Wind River open source repository.