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Wind River® Titanium Control is the future of industrial automation. Keep your systems running, keep them current, and keep your costs down.

Product Overview

Wind River Titanium Control is an on-premise cloud infrastructure platform that delivers the uptime and performance needed for industrial applications and control services at any scale. When operational processes must not fail, Titanium Control ensures that your services run when, where, and how they need to, always.

Built from the ground up on principles of high performance, low latency, and high availability, Titanium Control is:

  • Safe and secure: Extensive security framework

  • Flexible: Scalable from small to large deployments

  • Cost-optimized: Deployable down to single node

  • Reliable: Uptime that meets or exceeds legacy equipment

  • Manageable: Simple comprehensive orchestration from edge to cloud

  • Open: No vendor lock-in with open APIs

"ARC believes the influx of new IIoT technologies now entering the automation market has the potential to be a major disruption to existing business models that have been relatively stable for decades. An excellent example is Titanium Control, which combines Wind River’s long experience in real-time operating systems with on-premise cloud computing technology."

—Harry Forbes, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group

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  • Open architecture allowing for competition (and cost reduction) between the layers
  • Single control platform that can dynamically adjust services as needed
  • Three-layer decoupling (application, middleware, hardware), enabling rapid replacement of components and reducing the risk of vendor lock-in


  • Ultrareliability to ensure systems remain always on, using as few as two nodes
  • Minimization of downtime that can result in costly gaps in productivity
  • OpenStack for a solid orchestration foundation
Cost reduction

Cost reduction

  • Lower cost of deployment, repair, and replacement than for legacy equipment
  • Ability to use standard, off-the-shelf servers
  • Ability to leverage application software from specialized ISVs


  • Low latency, as good as or better than that of legacy equipment
  • Availability features ensuring guaranteed application uptime with minimal overhead
  • Reduced overhead due to efficiency


  • Fully integrated security for an evolving threat landscape
  • Complete AAA access control, delivering integrity (monitoring/recovery) and confidentiality (secure storage/encryption)
  • Platform awareness, enabling secure boot and TPM from hardware to applications

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