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With the smart building revolution in full effect, businesses in the commercial property sector are sensing opportunity. Property managers, corporate realtors, and building operators see the potential for connectedness on a massive scale, with multiple systems and structures reporting in to a centralized dashboard.

But progress has been slow. Buildings from skyscrapers to shopping malls contain vast arrays of discrete mechanical and electrical devices: HVAC units, lighting and temperature controls, generators, elevators and escalators, and security systems. Each of these items has separate power needs, certification levels, and safety requirements. Connecting them often requires a custom-built system that is costly and cumbersome.

Meanwhile, architects and builders are continuing to innovate—with more buildings achieving LEED certification and net-zero energy consumption—and more customers are demanding environmentally friendly offices and homes. To reduce overall power consumption, keep pace with market demand, and gain better insight into their operations, building-related businesses are in search of a comprehensive next-generation solution.

  • Connecting discrete electrical and mechanical devices and systems
  • Using less power to lower costs and help the environment
  • Providing better services for customers
  • Aggregating data from multiple systems and structures to optimize operations


Buildings Solution

Wind River® Helix Device Cloud enables large commercial customers to connect thousands of edge devices to a single system. Using this state-of-the-art device management platform, the diverse systems inside a building can be linked together, monitored, managed, and updated securely and remotely—all from a centralized dashboard. Issues are detected immediately and upgrades pushed out instantaneously.

With the addition of Wind River Titanium Control, many standard processes in a building can be completely virtualized. Certain high-level control systems and sensors now become 100% digital. That means more security, since systems failover into software mode, as well as lower costs, as devices are tuned to operate more efficiently.

Buildings Solution

Because Titanium Control acts as an on-premises cloud, data across an entire building—or even a network of buildings—can be aggregated, analyzed, and acted on in real time. Data coming from light switches, air conditioning units, elevator panels, temperature detectors, and motion sensors can be consolidated to help an operation optimize its physical assets, improving services for customers while increasing shareholder value. Innovations can be incorporated quickly.

The operating system for these devices is invariably VxWorks®, the company's flagship product. In use by more than 2 billion embedded computing devices around the world, it offers real-time deterministic performance and the highest levels of safety and security.

And a smart building becomes part of something much larger: a smart network.




Trust system-critical devices to the industry's leading operating system, offering scalability, security, and real-time performance.

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Titanium Cloud

Titanium Control

Virtualize an industrial data center with the first fully integrated, feature-complete network software virtualization platform.

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