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As the world's energy needs become more pressing, major producers are facing an urgent dilemma. Large-scale industrial systems—including oil refineries and power plants—are under pressure to increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining current output, remaining safe, and staying vigilant about ever-increasing security threats.

But the cost of updating such legacy systems is astronomical: for example, replacing the distributed control systems (DCSs) across a single refinery can carry a price tag upwards of $150 million, and a complete system refresh for an energy company's facilities is estimated at $4.5 billion. In addition, these upgrades are necessary every 10–15 years and do little to address the issue of lowering operating expenses (OPEX) that can be as high as $800 million annually.

Refineries and power plants are continuous process operations, which means they operate around the clock and cannot be shut down, so upgrades can only happen piecemeal. And as the Stuxnet virus proved, even antiquated hardware not directly connected to the Internet can be vulnerable to outside attack. The need for complete security in these systems is paramount.

  • Increasing efficiency of large-scale industrial systems while maintaining output
  • Upgrading control systems and edge devices for more flexibility and innovation
  • Permanently reducing OPEX
  • Protecting vital systems from attack


Energy Solution

Technology pioneered by Wind River® is enabling the world's energy producers to completely virtualize their industrial control systems, ushering in a new era of flexibility and innovation. Now, levels 1–3 of an enterprise architecture—those systems and devices for batch, continuous, and discrete control, as well as manufacturing and operations control—can all be operated in an environment that is 100% digital.

With a virtualized compute environment, continuous process manufacturers can finally move beyond legacy systems and fully optimize their operations. The use of open standards allows producers to permanently reduce OPEX by using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware rather than maintaining a customized infrastructure. Updates can take place instantly and remotely, via software that also allows for seamless device failover. And security is built-in rather than bolt-on, as keys in embedded boards pass trust up to applications.

Energy Solution

The suite of products available from Wind River—including VxWorks®, Wind River Titanium Cloud, and Wind River Helix Device Cloud—work together to provide a complete solution for the most demanding industrial environments, including safety systems. The leading operating system for embedded devices connects to an ultra-reliable network virtualization platform that works in tandem with a state-of-the-art on-premises cloud.

With more than 30 years of experience building safe and secure intelligent systems, Wind River is enabling the next generation of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, from the edge to the cloud and back.




Trust system-critical devices to the industry's leading operating system, offering scalability, security, and real-time performance.

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Titanium Cloud

Titanium Control

Virtualize an industrial data center with the first fully integrated, feature-complete network software virtualization platform.

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