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The speed of business today is faster than ever: manufacturers and suppliers want more efficient handling of cargo, customers want quicker delivery of goods, and logistics companies want more ways to streamline operations. The need to optimize the "factory service chain"—the various elements that comprise shipping and delivery—is more important than ever.

But doing so is a challenge. With so many moving parts (factories, warehouses, ocean-going vessels, containerized ports, trucking fleets, and rail lines) as well as constantly changing factors such as weather and traffic, logistics companies are forever playing catch-up. And because shipping and delivery involves crossing state and international borders, safety is critical.

What would it take for shipping companies to get ahead of the curve—not just improve delivery times but predict and prepare for future demand? What if trucking companies could optimize transit routes in real time? What if rail transportation could implement positive train control (PTC) while reducing operating costs and achieving to-the-minute delivery?

What if there was a way to visualize an entire supply chain with a single dashboard?

  • Improving pickup and delivery times
  • Tracking large fleets of vessels and optimizing routes
  • Using Big Data analytics to predict demand
  • Protecting crew, cargo, and customers


Logistics Solution

For more than 30 years, Wind River® has been producing innovative software to help the world's largest companies succeed. From VxWorks®, the industry's leading operating system for embedded devices, to Wind River Titanium Cloud, the first fully integrated network virtualization platform, Wind River is the only company that can offer businesses in logistics and shipping a complete digital solution.

Now, with Wind River Helix Device Cloud, companies can connect thousands of edge devices to a central system for instantaneous monitoring and updating. Picture a mile-long train, covered in thousands of sensors, all reporting data in real time to a cloud-based platform. Or imagine a trucking company monitoring the positions of hundreds of vehicles, optimizing the route for each one on a moment-by-moment basis.

Logistics Solution

Working in tandem with Titanium Cloud, Device Cloud allows each of these data points to be aggregated and analyzed for comprehensive business insights. Not just information about where devices are and how they're performing, but predictive analytics to determine what resources will be needed in the future.

By leveraging an Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed specifically for industry—highly available, highly reliable, and feature-complete—shipping companies will achieve levels of efficiency like never before.

Logistics are about to get a lot easier.




Trust system-critical devices to the industry's leading operating system, offering scalability, security, and real-time performance.

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Titanium Cloud

Titanium Control

Virtualize an industrial data center with the first fully integrated, feature-complete network software virtualization platform.

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