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In the global economy, industrial manufacturers face increased competition from every angle. Producers from the automotive, aviation, high tech, food and beverage, textile, and pharmaceutical sectors need to innovate, but replacing existing infrastructure is daunting. Legacy systems and devices have been in place for decades and are expensive to maintain, but replacing them involves risking a costly production slowdown or a potential drop in quality.

At the same time, security threats grow ever more serious and the need to automate complex processes becomes more urgent. Manufacturing is ripe for innovation, but requirements are stringent, necessitating highly reliable and highly available systems that are safe, operate in real time, and are completely secure. With so many moving parts—robot arms, assembly lines, packaging mechanisms—remote applications must be able to seamlessly address device deployments, updates, failovers, and end-of-life issues.

Any next-generation system must also be able to capture, analyze, and enable quick action on the enormous amounts of data generated by an industrial facility. To survive, manufacturers will have to optimize.

  • Preserving existing levels of productivity
  • Replacing legacy hardware without increasing costs
  • Controlling multiple systems and devices remotely
  • Protecting facilities from security threats


Manufacturing Solution

With 30 years of experience building safe and secure embedded systems, Wind River® is well-versed in the hard real-time requirements of industrial manufacturers. The company's flagship product, the operating system VxWorks®, is at the heart of more than 2 billion embedded computing devices around the world, allowing mission-critical and safety-critical systems to operate in extreme environments.

The company's virtualization platform, Wind River Titanium Control, enables manufactures to completely virtualize the operational environment, with zero latency and 99.9999% uptime. Hardware operating on enterprise architecture levels 1–3—distributed control systems (DCSs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and so on—now become 100% digital representations, allowing for fast failover and lowering operating expenses (OPEX) dramatically. Titanium Control also uses open standards, meaning maximum flexibility and scalability for manufacturers with no vendor lock-in.

Manufacturing Solution

And Wind River Helix Device Cloud brings it all together: providing industrial operators with a way to deploy, manage, and update thousands of edge devices remotely via a robust, on-premises, cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Data collection and analysis becomes easier than ever, and facility upgrades and optimization can happen quickly.

Manufacturers finally have a single, centralized, ultra-reliable control system to build on. The era of rip and replace is over.




Trust system-critical devices to the industry's leading operating system, offering scalability, security, and real-time performance.

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Titanium Cloud

Titanium Control

Virtualize an industrial data center with the first fully integrated, feature-complete network software virtualization platform.

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