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Today's transportation infrastructure is stressed to the breaking point. There are more cars on the roads, more travelers passing through airports, and more people using light rail and other forms of public transit than ever before.

At the same time, security and efficiency have never been more critical. Airlines are under pressure to cut costs. Airports are under fire for long security lines and mishandled baggage. Public transit agencies are struggling to keep up with surging demand across an aging infrastructure. And drivers are increasingly frustrated by highways choked with traffic and escalating commute times.

With the world's population growing exponentially, the urgency of these challenges will only increase. And because these systems are essential to human mobility, they must be kept in operation while upgrades are underway—"rip and replace" is not an option. Smart cars are a start, but in order to survive, the transportation systems themselves need to get smarter.

  • Increasing efficiency of vehicles and transportation hubs
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure without disrupting service
  • Improving security for all travelers


Transportation Solution

When it comes to providing next-generation solutions, Wind River® has a proven track record. For 30 years the company has been supplying the world's biggest industries with products that are real-time, deterministic, highly reliable, highly available, and completely secure, to meet the most demanding requirements.

The combination of VxWorks®, the industry's leading operating system for embedded devices, with Wind River Helix Device Cloud, a robust cloud-based platform, and Wind River Titanium Cloud, the first feature-complete network virtualization platform, will be a giant leap forward for transportation.

Transportation Solution

Airport systems—ticketing, baggage check, security screening, immigration control—can be consolidated into a single passenger management system and essentially automated. Airlines, rail companies, and public transit agencies can aggregate huge quantities of data from sources such as engines, wheels, and tracks to optimize operations and virtualize control systems. Urban planners can more accurately forecast traffic patterns and implement metering and signaling systems more easily.

A flexible architecture allows companies and agencies to use affordable commercial off-the-shelf hardware, and the use of open standards means innovative new devices can be added easily. The platform for managing an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) system has arrived.




Trust system-critical devices to the industry's leading operating system, offering scalability, security, and real-time performance.

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Titanium Cloud

Titanium Control

Virtualize an industrial data center with the first fully integrated, feature-complete network software virtualization platform.

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