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Wind River

Wind River® Cockpit helps connect intelligent vehicles to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Product Overview

Cockpit is a safe and secure, automotive-grade consolidation platform that provides a framework for building next-generation in-cabin experiences and seamlessly extending digital life into the connected vehicle. Building products using Cockpit reduces overall development costs, minimizes project risks, and shortens project timelines.

Flexible, Extensible, Scalable, and Updatable Platform

  • Safe and secure, certification-ready, Type 1 automotive-grade hypervisor
  • Support for mixed-critical workloads, including digital clusters, IVI, TCUs, and more
  • Freedom of choice for underlying hardware while reusing IP blocks
  • Support for nearly any customer-directed application and user interface

Pre-integrated Reference Connectivity Solutions

  • Integrated protocols for enabling communication between critical and noncritical vehicle systems
  • Pre-integrated components such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, DLNA, media playback, and phone projection
  • Enhanced connectivity for inside and outside the vehicle

Secure Embedded and Cloud Development Environment

  • Cloud-based toolchain enabling embedded device development on multiple sites worldwide
  • Security enablement for embedded and cloud environments
  • Comprehensive build systems and development tools
  • Simulation tools that allow development to start before the actual hardware is available

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Learn more about how Cockpit can help speed your development while ensuring highly secure and rigorously safe components and systems for the next generation of intelligent, connected vehicles.